Climate Change in South Asia and Regional Initiatives



South Asia has a very diverse climate. Half of the climate zones that exist on Earth can be found in South Asia. Such diversified climatic zones make the region prone to a wide range of climate change impacts like glacial melt, forest fires, rising sea levels, mountain and coastal soil erosion, and saline water intrusion. It is said that, “not war; climate change might devastate South Asia”. For a long time security was understood based on military terms and in the aftermath of the cold war, security is far more contested idea with multiple sources of threats which includes climate change and environmental security also. Environmental security in general and Climate Change in particular, by its very nature is transnational in context; hence these threats are likely to affect both the national and human security. This article has made an attempt to discuss the impacts of climate change on South Asian countries and the attempts made by the region to address the issue.

Authors : Basavarajeshwari Halu and Dr.Chandrakant Yatanoor