Emergence of ICT in Veterinary Education With Special Reference to the Karnataka Veterinary, Animal and Fisheries Sciences University


Dr. U S Jadav

Libraries are changing in terms of their collection, facilities and services owing to constant changing scenario of information on account of nformation and Communication Technology (ICT) applications and information seeking behaviour of clientele. Libraries are no longer considered as store house of knowledge rather they now act as powerhouse centre; this is especially true in the case of academic libraries attached to specialized institutes and universities. Computer has changed the process of codification and dissemination of information and given the capability to collect, preserve, and provides access to information in the electronic environment. Internet and World Wide Web revolutions have given new opportunities to globally share the information and to facilitate interaction and collaboration through social networking sites, chat, wikis, blogs, and video telecommunication services. However, veterinary education has profited largely from Information Communication Technology (ICT) advances, mainly, in last two decades. The aims of the present article is to describe some important veterinary issues deeply involved with ICTs, their impact and challenges in education field, and the relationships between them and the globalized society.

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