Publication Productivity of Nobel Laureate Jean Tirole: A Scientometric Portrait


Prakash Kumbar and Mallinath Kumbar

In this paper, an attempt has been made to brief out the publication activity of Jean Tirole a Nobel Prize winner in the field of Economic Sciences for the year 2014. Demonstrating a scientometric  portrait of a renowned individual is a new dimension in the sphere of measuring the intellectual & research productivity of both the individual and the institution he/she serves (Padma and Ramaswamy, 2013). In this study authors presented a scientometric study of Jean Tirole, covering his 227 publications as reflected in Google Scholar in June 2017. The study reveals that: During his 36 years of productive age, the author has published 227 articles includes two languages (English and French). The year 1990 and 2000 has the highest number of publications with 11 articles (4.84 %) followed by 2004 with 10 articles (4.40%).The credibility of 58 (25.55 %) publications as first author and 136 (59.91 %) as second author indicates that being the first or the second author he is mainly responsible for the contents and productivity of 55 % publications. Tirole has collaborated with 442 co-authors.

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